Call for information about research taking place in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver

In response to community-expressed needs, the Making Research Accessible initiative (MRAi) – a partnership between the UBC Learning Exchange and Library in collaboration with others – has developed the Downtown Eastside Research Access Portal (DTES RAP). The RAP is designed to provide information about research that is relevant to/about Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.  As well as linking to research published since 2010, the DTES RAP includes researchers’ contact information and information about ongoing and past research projects in the DTES.

What types of research are the DTES RAP looking to include?

  • Where some or all participants reside or work in the DTES (e.g. per Behavioural ethics application Box 4.2.B and/or Box 5.1)
  • Where partner organizations serve the DTES community (e.g. the Inner City Women's Initiatives Society)
  • When the topic is of particular relevance to organizations and those living and working in the DTES.

Please contact with any questions about the portal.