A Phased Resumption of In-Person Behavioural Research

Based on the findings of a specially convened task force,  UBC Vancouver and Okanagan Behavioural Research Ethics Boards have updated their review processes to allow for the limited resumption of on- and off-campus in-person behavioural research. The health and safety of the UBC and broader community continues to be our first priority.

Please note that the following guidance does not apply when health authority sites are being used for research or when researchers are accessing health authority patients or records. Please contact your Health Authority or Health Institution for guidance in these instances.

The intention of the new process is to permit studies at this time that are beneficial to the participants and/or are urgent due to circumstances related to the research outcomes or researcher constraints.  To assist in this, departments will determine which studies meet these criteria prior to submission to BREB.

BREB has created a Guide for Assessing Benefit and Urgency to assist departments in deciding which projects should move forward at this time.

Researchers will also be required to complete new BREB forms for all face-to-face/in-person research:

For further details, see UBC Behavioural Guidance during the COVID-19 research restrictions: https://ethics.research.ubc.ca/behavioural-research-ethics/ubc-behaviour....