Research Data Management

Abacus Dataverse

UBC Library has implemented robust research data management software – Abacus Dataverse Dataverse is an open source repository designed to assist researchers in the creation, management and dissemination of their data. The Dataverse platform allows management of datasets, metadata, and digital objects and offers support for disposition of sensitive data, which has been collected under ethics approval. The system is opened to UBC researchers, labs and institutes.

DMP Assistant

DMP Assistant software – is a bilingual tool for preparing data management plans (DMPs). The tool follows best practices in data stewardship and walks researchers step-by-step through key questions about data management including data storage, ethics and legislative requirements, data archiving, and future uses. Hosted by the national Portage initiative, DMP Assistant is designed to meet the anticipated Data Management Plan requirements (in English or French) of most major Canadian funders.