Shortened Behavioural Ethics Application Forms

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

As of April 15, 2019, two short forms are available in RISe for new behavioural ethics applications

When can the short forms be used?

  • If only one research method is used - either surveys only or secondary use of data only
  • If the study falls within the Minimal Risk category
  • If the study is Behavioural; short forms for Clinical Ethics Applications will be available in future
  • Both single and multi-jurisdictional (Harmonized) studies are eligible

NB. In-person administration of surveys (not interviews) may use the shortened form, as long as there is no likelihood of the survey questions deviating from the structured format. If the purpose for conducting the survey in person is to allow for more probing questions to supplement the survey questions, a full ethics application will be needed.

When can the short forms NOT be used?

  • If you are conducting interviews, whether by phone, video conference, or in-person
  • If you are using multiple methods of data collection (e.g. interviews and surveys) 
  • If the application has already been submitted; existing applications may not be converted to the short application forms

Applications will follow the same submission, review, and approval steps as other ethics applications.

How to complete the short ethics form

  1. Complete pages 1 through 4.B. BEHAVIOURAL STUDY REVIEW TYPE as usual
  3. You will need to answer “no” to the first two parts:
    • 4.7.A. Creation of a Research Database or Registry
    • 4.7.B. Is the purpose of this application exclusively to obtain approval for the creation of a research database or registry?
  4. For Surveys
    • Select “yes” for 4.8 ("Is this a minimal risk study exclusively using a survey for data collection?")'
    • Advance to the new page K. Survey - HUMAN ETHICS APPLICATION
    • Answer all the questions on page K
  5.  For Secondary Use of Data
    • Select “no” for 4.8; a new question will appear
    • Select “yes” for 4.9 Secondary Use ("Is this a minimal risk study exclusively analyzing previously collected data?")
    • Advance to the new page L. Secondary Use of Data - HUMAN ETHICS APPLICATION
    • Answer all the questions on page L
  6.  After you complete pages “K” or “L” you will be able to proceed directly to page 9.
  7. Attach all relevant supporting documents to page 9 as you would for a full ethics application.

The table below briefly summarizes the content you will need to provide. See the application guidance notes for more detail.

Surveys Only

Secondary use of data Only

Study Summary Study Summary
Participants Description of data sets
Recruitment Data custodian
Confidentiality Permission to access data | 
status of data access request
Distribution Methods Data specifics (identifiable, etc.)
Consent Protection of data
Remuneration Data linkages
Data storage & future use Consent for secondary use
(including conditions for waiver)
  Data storage & future use












Questions? Please contact your REB office for assistance.