UBC US FCOI Tutorial

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Welcome to UBC’s US FCOI Learning Module

This module may be used as a reference guide to UBC’s FCOI policy and procedures and it must also be completed if you are working on a study that has been awarded US PHS funds.

The module describes an Investigator’s responsibilities for complying with UBC’s US FCOI policy and procedures and must be completed by all study team members who meet the definition of “Investigator,” before US PHS funds will be released. The module is also recommended, but not required, for staff who coordinate US PHS funded studies or provide administrative support to researchers involved in US PHS funded studies.

Investigators must also complete the NIH FCOI tutorial at http://grants.nih.gov/grants/policy/coi/tutorial2011/fcoi.htm and forward a copy of their completion certificate to us.fcoi@ubc.ca

FCOI and COI – are they the same?

No! All faculty members are required to comply with UBC’s Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment (COI) policy. Only Investigators applying for or involved in US PHS funded studies are required to comply with the Directive: Financial Conflicts of Interest (FCOI) in Public Health Service (PHS) Funded Research. If you are not sure if the UBC conflict of interest policy applies to you, please contact http://universitycounsel.ubc.ca/coi/contact-information/. 

What's New?

The UBC module has been shortened from the version first introduced in 2012 and acts as a supplement to the NIH tutorial.

  • Information (including definitions) covered by the NIH tutorial has been removed where possible.
  • Links to additional information have replaced some detailed explanations.
  • If you are completing the module in order to meet requirements for receiving US PHS funds and you have not yet completed the NIH FCOI tutorial, we recommend that you do so first, and then return to the UBC module.

Procedures for meeting compliance requirements at UBC have been updated.

Test your knowledge questions have been included. You will be required to answer the questions before confirming your completion of the tutorial.

You should be able to complete the module in under 30 minutes.