Updated GUIDANCE related to COVID-19 for BEHAVIOURAL Research

The Offices of Research Ethics on the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses have updated their guidance in anticipation that authorization to resume in-person behavioural research will be fully implemented in the coming months.

Although the safety of research participants continues to be a factor in how research ethics applications are reviewed, the behavioural REBs have eased their requirements in alignment with updates issued by the British Columbia Public Health Officer (PHO) on May 28, 2021.

To learn how your research may be affected, please review the webpage: https://ethics.research.ubc.ca/behavioural-research-ethics/ubc-behavioural-guidance-resuming-person-research-after-covid-19.

We would like to thank departmental heads and others for the support they provided to the BREB in reviewing Supplementary Research and COVID Forms over the last year. These forms are no longer required as part of the research ethics review process.