Analysis of Biospecimen Form

As of May 2021 New Analysis of Biospecimens Forms will be available for researchers.
Please note this page is for the following types of studies:

  • Research on pre-existing biospecimens  
  • Analysis of Biospecimen obtained from a dedicated Biobank
  • Research conducting new analyses on biospecimens collected in a different research study
  • Cadaveric Studies
  • Stem Cell Research
  • BC researchers are only conducting biospecimen analysis with all participant recruitment occuring outside of BC (retrospective or prospective collection)

Please see short clip below explaining the Lead questions Box 4.9A and 4.9B


Please see tutorial below discussing how to complete Page M- Analysis of Biospecimen

Timestamps are available within the video description on Youtube, please click "Watch on Youtube" to access

A copy of Application Page M with guidance notes can be found here