How to Obtain Ethics Approval

Any research involving human participants that is conducted at UBC facilities (including UBC-affiliated hospitals) or by persons connected to the University must be reviewed and approved by one of UBC’s six sanctioned Research Ethics Boards (REBs).

Research ethics applications must be submitted electronically through the RISe website. All amendments, renewals, and requests for acknowledgment to previously approved applications must also use RISe.

UBC researchers based at one of the affiliated hospital sites or research institutes must submit ethics applications to their local REB. At the discretion of the REB Chair or Manager, a submission may be re-directed to a more appropriate REB. Please consult your local REB administrators if you are not sure which Board you should apply to.

See the six REBs

Research at Multiple Sites

If you are a UBC researcher who wishes to conduct research at more than one UBC-affiliated site, you may submit your ethical review to any UBC-affiliated REB. We recommended that you submit to the REB most closely associated with the Institution where you hold your primary appointment.

Each REB has signed an agreement allowing approvals by one UBC-affiliated REB to be recognized by the others. Research conducted by the same researcher at multiple UBC sites needs ethical approval from one UBC sanctioned REB only. For the purpose of allocating resources, most sites will require individual institutional approval.

*NOTE: UBC and Fraser Health REB have now created an affiliation agreement for minimal risk studies - click here for further details.

Research Off Site

If you are a UBC researcher who will be conducting research off site (e.g., at another institution, province, country) note that REB review by another institution does not satisfy UBC requirements for ethics review. All research conducted by members or associated members of the University must also get UBC REB approval before conducting research off site.