CREB Meeting Dates + Deadlines

Deadlines for submissions to CREB full board review are strictly observed. Please review the following information to ensure your application is submitted properly and on time.

Deadlines for Full Board Review

Submissions must be received by noon of the deadline listed below in order to be reviewed at the corresponding CREB meeting date. Any applications received after the deadline will be deferred to the next meeting date.

Applications are submitted by the Department Head according to the following process:

  1. Once the Principal Investigator hits “Submit” on an application in RISe, the application is forwarded for approval by the appropriate Department Head; and
  2. Once the Department Head signs off, the study is forwarded to CREB for review.The Department Head must sign off by noon of the deadline.

In time-sensitive situations, it is best to advise your Department Head that the study is waiting for their sign-off. If your Department Head is involved in your study, you should alert the designated alternate to sign your application form in place of the Department Head. 

2018 / 2019 Deadlines

November 2019

Meeting Date: Nov 12

Submission Deadline: Nov 1


Meeting Date: Nov 26

Submission Deadline: Nov 15

December 2019

Meeting Date: Dec 10

Submission Deadline: Nov 29

January 2020

Meeting Date: Jan 14

Submission Deadline: Dec 13


Meeting Date: Jan 28

Submission Deadline: Jan 17

February 2020

Meeting Date: Feb 11

Submission Deadline: Jan 31


Meeting Date: Feb 25

Submission Deadline: Feb 14

March 2020

Meeting Date: Mar 10

Submission Deadline: Feb 28


Meeting Date: Mar 24

Submission Deadline: Mar 13

April 2020

Meeting Date: Apr 14

Submission Deadline: Apr 2


Meeting Date: Apr 28

Submission Deadline: Apr 17

May 2020

Meeting Date: May 12

Submission Deadline: May 1


Meeting Date: May 26

Submission Deadline: May 15

June 2020

Meeting Date: Jun 9

Submission Deadline:  May 29


Meeting Date: Jun 23

Submission Deadline: Jun 12

July 2020

Meeting Date: Jul 14

Submission Deadline: Jul 3


Meeting Date: Jul 28

Submission Deadline: Jul 17

August 2020

Meeting Date: Aug 11

Submission Deadline: Jul 31


Meeting Date: Aug 25

Submission Deadline: Aug 14

September 2020

Meeting Date: Sep 8

Submission Deadline: Aug 28


Meeting Date: Sep 22

Submission Deadline: Sep 11

October 2020

Meeting Date: Oct 13

Submission Deadline: Oct 2


Meeting Date: Oct 27

Submission Deadline: Oct 16

November 2020

Meeting Date: Nov 10

Submission Deadline: Oct 30


Meeting Date: Nov 24

Submission Deadline: Nov 13

December 2020

Meeting Date: Dec 8

Submission Deadline: Nov 27




CREB deadlines and meeting dates are also listed in RISe. Login to RISe and select the appropriate committee from the left margin.

Delegated or Expedited Review

Studies qualifying for Delegated/Expedited Review have an approximate turnaround time of 1-2 weeks. If a submissions for Delegated/Expedited Review is referred to the Full Board, the turnaround time will substantially increase. Please contact the CREB Office if you are unsure whether your study qualifies for Delegated/Expedited Review.

Minimal Risk Review

If your study qualifies for Minimal Risk Review, you may submit the application anytime, but we ask that you avoid the deadline dates listed above.