Policies + SOPs

This page provides a comprehensive listing of UBC policies, standard operating procedures, regulations and guidance that apply to research involving human subjects.

For information on policy and procedure beyond UBC, please consult the Canada, USA and International page.

UBC Policies

Policy SC6: Scholarly Integrity
Policy LR2: Research
Policy LR9: Research and Other Studies Involving Human Subjects
Policy SC3: Conflict of Interest

Standard Operating Procedures

The UBC Research Ethics Board SOPs were updated and approved in May 2018, and are now in line with the N2/CAREB-ACCER REB SOPs.  These SOPs are used by the six UBC-affiliated Research Ethics Boards and are administered by the Office of Research Ethics.  For institution-specific requirements, please contact the applicable UBC-affiliated REB.

Glossary of Terms

Section 100: General Administration (101-108)       
Section 200: REB Organization (201-204)
Section 300: Functions and Operations (301-304)
Section 400: Reviews of Research (401-409)
Section 500: Reviews Requiring Special Consideration (501-502)
Section 600: REB Communication and Notification (601-602)
Section 700: Informed Consent (701)
Section 800: Responsibilities of Investigators (801)
Section 900: Quality Management (901-903)