CREB Membership + Annual Reports

The Clinical Research Ethics Board is composed of UBC faculty members in a number of disciplines as well as interested members of the public. Membership is voluntary.

Current CREB Membership List

April 4, 2017 (see below for pdf versions of official current and past membership lists)
Members are listed by last name and their primary specialty is indicated.

Ahmad, Rana Ethicist
Ayas, Najib Internal Medicine (Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine)
Bergeron, Celine Respiratory Medicine
Cairns, John Cardiology
Chapman, Kristine Neurology
Doudet, Doris Neurology
Doyle, Patrick Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Epidemiology
Duncan, Clive Orthopedic surgery, Medicine, Surgery
Fowlie, Heather Community Member
Freeman, Hugh (Co-Chair) Gastroenterology
Guns, Emma Urologic Sciences
Hamburger, Jaap Interventional Cardiology
Harbottle, Sarah Lawyer
Hoption-Cann, Stephen (Chair) Epidemiology

Hsiung, Robin Neurology
Jameson, Kimberly Ethicist
Kennedy, Suzanne Lawyer
Khalil, Nasreen Respiratory
Kitson, Clifford Neil Dermatology and Skin Science
Kramer, John Neuroscience
Krueger, Ardis Natural Health Products
Liu-Ambrose, Teresa Physical Therapy
MacKay, Alexander Radiology
MacKenzie, Bonnie Community Member
Martin, Ian Family Medicine, Epidemiology, Emergency Medicine
Marzban, Lucy Surgery, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Mayo, John Radiology
Moritz, Orson Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Nacht, Jeffrey Orthopaedic surgery
Ngan, Elton Psychiatry
Nguan, Christopher Urologic Sciences
Oruc, Ipek Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
Papp, Anthony Plastic Surgery
Prior, Jerilynn Endocrinology
Russell, John Ethicist
Spering, Miriam Ophthalmology
Stowe, Robert Neuropsychiatry
Sullivan, Bill QC Lawyer
Virani, Alice Ethicist
Warriner, Jennifer Ethicist
Yeung, Sonia Ophthalmology
Zitron, Laura Community Member

NIH CREB Membership Lists

2017: April 4

2016: February 19

2015: September 9 March 19

2014: October 1 April 4

2013: November 25 May 13 May 6

2012: October 1 January 4

2011: May 5

2010: July 8 February 2

2009: September 2 April 17

2008: September 5

2007: June 15

2006: November 1

UBC CREB Annual Reports