BREB Sample Forms + Applications

The following forms, templates and sample submissions are intended to support BREB submissions.

See also BREB Guidance Notes.

Sample Forms

The following forms are for review purposes only, do not use to submit. Please log into RISe to complete the relevant form/application.

Behavioural Human Ethics Application (PDF December 2012) 
Please click on the "Link to the RISe Application" to actually complete the application.

Post Approval Activity (PAA) Forms

Please log into RISe to complete the relevant PAA.

PAA - Amendments
PAA - Annual Renewal
PAA - Annual Renewal with Amendments
PAA - Completion of a Behavioural Study
PAA - Request for Acknowledgement

Sample Approved Applications

The following examples of previously approved applications have been provided to give you a sense of the sort of information reviewers are looking for. Please note that these are examples only - approval requirements will differ depending on the context of the study and the opinion of the REB. Also bear in mind that regardless of the quality of your application, the REB is likely to have some comments and requests for clarification. 

Expert interview study
Interview and focus group study
Participatory action research study
Survey study