BREB Sample Forms + Applications

You will need to log into RISe to open a new application or submit an amendment (PAA). Log in to RISe.

New ethics applications

A Word version of the Behavioural application is available to use as a worksheet for preparing your application. 

PDFs of the Behavioural application and Guidance Notes are also available.

Post Approval Activity (PAA) Forms (updated April 2023)

PDFs of the PAA cover sheets are below for each type of post-approval activity.

PAA - Amendment
PAA - Annual Renewal
PAA - Completion of a Behavioural Study
PAA - Request for Acknowledgement

If you are changing the PI on your study, please note that signatures are needed. Complete this form and attach to Box 1.5 on the Amendment coversheet. Changes will only appear when your Amendment has been processed.