BREB Meeting Dates + Deadlines

There are no deadlines for minimal risk applications, but deadlines for submissions to BREB full board review are strictly observed.

Please review the following information to ensure your application is submitted properly and on time.

Minimal Risk Review

If your study qualifies for Minimal Risk Review, you may submit the application at anytime. See Minimal Risk criteria.

Deadlines for Full Board Review

Submissions must be received by noon of the deadline listed in the table below in order to be reviewed at the corresponding BREB meeting date. Any applications received after the deadline will be deferred to the next meeting date.

Applications are submitted by the Department Head according to the following process:

  1. Once the Principal Investigator hits “Submit” on an application in RISe, the application is forwarded for approval by the appropriate Department Head; and
  2. Once the Department Head signs off, the study is forwarded to BREB for review. The Department Head must sign off by noon of the deadline.

In time-sensitive situations, it is best to advise your Department Head that the study is waiting for their sign-off. If your Department Head is involved in your study, you should alert the designated alternate to sign your application form in place of the Department Head.  

If the deadline falls on a statutory holiday, the deadline is the day before the holiday.

2024 Meetings and Submission Deadlines


Meeting: January 12

Submission by: January 2


Meeting: February 8

Submission by: January 26


Meeting: March 14

Submission by: March 1


Meeting: April 11

Submission by: March 29


Meeting: May 9

Submission by: April 26


Meeting: June 13

Submission by: May 31


Meeting: July 11

Submission by: June 28


Meeting: August 8

Submission by: July 26


Meeting: September 12

Submission by: August 30


Meeting: October 10

Submission by: September 27


Meeting: November 14

Submission by: November 1


Meeting: December 12

Submission by: November 29

January, 2025

Meeting: January 9, 2025

Submission by: January 2, 2025

Timelines for Review

The BREB reviews an average of 1,100 new applications each year; these are adjudicated by full-time faculty members who volunteer on the BREB. The review process for full board applications from submission to receipt of certificate of approval typically takes 6-8 weeks. Minimal Risk applications are typically reviewed within three weeks.

Most correspondence related to a Full Board Review is sent out within two weeks of the meeting. Applications that meet the criteria for Minimal Risk projects typically take three weeks from submission to response. Amendments, renewals and replies to provisos typically take 1-2 weeks, although very minor amendments may be approved within a day or two.

If your application requires resubmission because it is incomplete or because required information has not been provided, the RISe system will queue your application in chronological order once it has been resubmitted. To avoid undue delay, please complete the application carefully and thoroughly.

Notification of Approval

The Principal Investigator and the primary contact person listed in Boxes 1.2 and 1.3 of the ethics application will be sent email notifications. You can check the status of the ethics review anytime by logging into RISe.