UBC CREB Guidance during COVID-19

** Please review Research FAQs related to COIVD-19

UBC CREB specific recommendations:

Consenting recommendations:
During the current pandemic, obtaining consent will differ from normal written consent procedures. To protect researchers, substitute decision-makers, and others, consent may be conducted remotely (by telephone), or if in person there will be no signed paper consent. Copies of consent forms will be provided electronically to participants to review. Researchers should document the time of consent, who obtained it, and the process that was used.

Normally, this would be an issue that would be beyond the scope of the REB, but given the infectious nature and potential severity of the illness being studied, it is important that processes be outlined for preventing transmission of Covid-19 (and also substitute decision makers - discussed above). Researchers should clarify this.


If your study requires specific protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic please see steps below:

1. Create a Post approval activity (PAA) -Request for acknowledgement outlining the process moving forward for your study.   See here for tutorial on how to submit this PAA here
-Insert PAA Nickname “COVID 19 SOP” in PAA the Coverpage

2. This can be in the form of a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for this time period for deviations to the approved protocol.  For instance, if participants will be switching from in-person to virtual communication,  If study drugs will now be mailed to participants, etc. 
-Attach SOP to PAA coversheet box 1.D

3. If web-based programs with servers outside of Canada (for eg, Skype, Facetime, Zoom etc) will be used, please see the following sample template consent form addendum here
-Attach Consent addendum to PAA coversheet box 1.D
-For UBC Zoom Guidance notes, please see here.   
-If you will be using videoconferencing, please attach the email template with instructions for how to logon to the application via an amendment.

Please be aware that, as the current situation is very fluid, these interim policies may well change, and we will update you as necessary in future bulletins.  Should you have any questions about these policies or other issues, please do not hesitate to contact Pia Ganz, CREB manager at Pia.Ganz@ors.ubc.ca