BREB Members

The Behavioural Research Ethics Board is composed of UBC faculty members in a number of disciplines as well as interested members of the public. Membership is voluntary.

Jolanta Aleksejuniene Faculty of Dentistry
Karen  Bartlett (Chair) School of Population & Public Health
Monique Bournot-Trites Language and Literacy
Castine Breckwoldt Community member
Amanda Cardoso Linguistics
Lisa Cavanaugh Sauder School of Business
Fong Chan Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Grant Charles Social Work
Rose-Marie Déchaine Linguistics
Karen Dahri Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Bernard Garrett School of Nursing
Anne George (Co-Chair) Department of Pediatrics
Kurt Huebner Department of Political Science
Helen Huzzey Lawyer
Phyllis Johnson Department of Sociology
Jude Kornelsen Faculty of Medicine (Centre for Rural Health Research)
Gabrielle Lam Department of Materials Engineering and School of Biomedical Engineering
Ruth Elwood Martin Ethicist | School of Population & Public Health
William McKellin (Co-Chair) Anthropology
Alex Tang Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dana Thordarson Family Practice
Marilyn Van Bibber Community member
Lawrence Ward Psychology
Jennifer Warriner Ethicist
Sabbatical | Cash Ahenakew Educational Studies